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These stunningly-beautiful lemurs are most easily identified by their black and white markings and thick coats. We often think of them as miniature polar-bears, well protected against our cold winters.

Physical Characteristics:

Black and white in colouration with fluffy collars (hence the name “ruffed”). On average, they weigh around 3.5kg and are about 110cm long, tail included. As with ringtails, these lemurs sport long noses, giving them a very good sense of smell.


Eastern Madagascar. They are primarily arboreal, spending much of their time in the canopy of the primary rainforest. Black and white ruffed lemurs are a protected subspecies.


Mainly fruit, and seeds, nectar and leaves. Compared to other lemur subspecies, the ruffed variety is primarily fruit-eating. During feeding time at the sanctuary, you will most likely see them going straight for the mixed fruit we lay out for them.

Life Cycle:

The gestation period is a little over 3 months. Ruffed lemurs are the only primates that build tree nests prior to infant birth, specifically for the purpose. Typical litter size is usually 1-3 infants. Reminiscent of canines and felines, ruffed lemur females carry their young by mouth, rather than having them hold on for the ride.

Projects On The Go

Monkey Sanctuary HP 1Conservation in Southern Africa is rapidly becoming unsustainable without the active involvement of the community, especially the younger, more active generation. The Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary and The Elephant Sanctuary group strongly believe that we have to get the younger members of communities involved to instill a passion for the environment and wildlife in them through education.


Pet Monkeys... Really A Good Idea?

monkey as petI'll introduce you to Joyce, for example. A young female capuchin, she was rather pampered with child-like paraphernalia; a dress and a small hat around her head. Cute, indeed. She had been with her "foster" family since only two months old, bought straight from a breeder. The couple who owned her did not have children, and so decided to substitute the missing link with a primate, albeit a bit smaller...and with sharper teeth.



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