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Well here's the confusing but honest truth I am not one for Zoo's, I tend to find the confinement somewhat disturbing and console myself by saying there's no other way these animals could possibly be put back into the wild.

HOWEVER bush babies monkey sanctuary is no zoo!

They animals are free to roam an amazing amount of space, natural space - you, as the tourist is the outsider invading their environment and the guides ensure only small groups are taken in over periods conducive to the animals' well-being.
They rehabilitate monkeys, lemurs and apes.
They take in wild ones too 

It is here where I truly experienced possibly the most amazing occurrence of my life and something which I will never forget.
A Capuchin monkey (wild, not tame nor rehabilitated), approached me from what seemed out of nowhere as I had separated from the group to snap a few photos.

Tripadvisor review Candice Young

He promptly sat down on the railing in front of me, still nibbling on his snack fruit, and began rubbing his stomach in circular motions.
I naturally was confused but it being as adorable as it was, felt obliged to remain and attempt communication - please bear with me here...
I copied the motion on my own stomach and next thing he starts "talking" and did he "talk"!

I had entirely forgotten the guides earlier warning to not go near the wild Capuchin monkeys or animals and since he was so friendly didn't feel threatened at all.

My husband had realised during a point I was missing and had filmed this entire event from some distance, he was growing tired of the prolonged chatter and when he stepped forward to end it we quickly realised the little guy had no time for interruptions.

It was a moment I can truly say will never be forgotten, nor repeated I am sure.

But if by some chance you are passing do stop, there is some magic in this "zoo".

Wonderful Tripadvisor review by Candice Young.

Projects On The Go

Monkey Sanctuary HP 1Conservation in Southern Africa is rapidly becoming unsustainable without the active involvement of the community, especially the younger, more active generation. The Bushbabies Monkey Sanctuary and The Elephant Sanctuary group strongly believe that we have to get the younger members of communities involved to instill a passion for the environment and wildlife in them through education.


Pet Monkeys... Really A Good Idea?

monkey as petI'll introduce you to Joyce, for example. A young female capuchin, she was rather pampered with child-like paraphernalia; a dress and a small hat around her head. Cute, indeed. She had been with her "foster" family since only two months old, bought straight from a breeder. The couple who owned her did not have children, and so decided to substitute the missing link with a primate, albeit a bit smaller...and with sharper teeth.



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